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Controls temperature to a comfortable level


Exclusively designed to keep your conservatory brighter.


Preventing massive heat variation through the roof


The only solution to be designed exclusively for conservatories

A Unique solution to your conservatory heating concerns

With over 30,000 installations to date we are well aware of the issues regarding conservatories getting too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. This is why we have created a complete system that is a collection of the very best materials and processes to control the temperature in your conservatory. 

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The Quilt

Our ConservaHeat true aluminium quilt is unique to the market and was specifically designed for conservatories. Able to withstand the extreme temperatures that conservatories achieve, our quilt will not deteriorate like other products and will continue to protect your conservatory in the years to come.

6 Layers
True Aluminium Foil
Keeps your conservatory cool by reflecting 95% of direct sunlight
Thermowadding Membrane
Creates an air pocket to slow down heat gain/loss
Metallised Poly Foil barrier
Acts as a secondary barrier to retain heat in winter and slow heat gain in summer
Vapour control membrane
Prevents dampness and condensation from forming in the cavity
Thermowadding Membrane
Creates an air pocket to slow down heat gain/Loss

True Aluminium Foil

Keeps your conservatory warm by reducing up to 90% of heat loss through the roof

The Installation

The C.H.R.I.S® is not only our unique specially designed products but our tried and tested installation process as well. Installed in over 30,000 UK homes it is proven to be the most inexpensive way to improve temperature control in conservatories.


Our teams arrive promptly at the agreed time.

Prepare Glass

If required our specialist tint is measured and fitted to the inside of the conservatory roof.

Made to Measure

We survey and measure each roof panel to determine the amount of each material required, cutting  to size on site, ensuring a bespoke quality finish.

First Frame

Then, we fix a pressure treated tanalised wooden sub-frame to your existing conservatory roof structure.

Add Thermal quilt

Next we install our ConservaHeat true aluminium foil quilt system.

Second Frame

We then repeat the process fixing a second timber sub-frame to the foil quilt system.

Fit the IFB

We finish by fitting our bespoke IFB panels, ceiling strips and caps for a flawless, reflective, easy maintainable insulated ceiling.


Once complete, our installation team clean the conservatory and remove all of their work materials.


  • Our specialist internal finish board* has been designed to compliment our installation. It is the only internal board on the market specifically designed for this purpose and is proven to reflect more light than any other.
  • Being the market leader allows us to demand extra from our manufacturers, ensuring we provide you with the very best products.
  • Our design team have spent over two years collaborating with our manufacturer to bring you this unique product.

IFB Board

The only board purpose built for conservatories

Exclusive To us

Developed by Conservatory Insulations to use in your conservatory

Increased reflection

More reflective than any other internal board.

90% of light reflected

Scientifically proven to reflective 90% of light.

*Please Note the IFB board is only available in UK mainland

Why we registered the C.H.R.I.S® system.

As no other company in the UK can install our unique conservatory insulation some businesses have tried counterfeit products leaving hundreds, if not thousands of people, disappointed with a product that simply doesn’t work

Our legal team advised us that the best way to protect our intellectual property and potential customers from being misled with poor imitations was to copyright the product to furthermore give evidence that the C.H.R.I.S® system is indeed the only product designed and manufactured for conservatories.

Peter McDonald – CEO

Amazing service!

They came dead on time at 8 am and were extremely clean and efficient workmen! I was very pleased with the result and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for any conservatory work!

It would appear efficiency is there strong suit as the ten-year guarantee appeared on our doorstep the next day! In addition, the salesman Chris was highly motivated, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful!

This is a recommendation from a joiner with 40 years experience – 10/10!

Iso 9001 Certified

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