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Mum unlocks conservatory's potential with help from CI Group

A mum has transformed her daughter’s playroom thanks to NASA-inspired technology. 

Vicki, 41, was excited to settle into her three-bedroom house in Norfolk - but there was one issue.

The teacher’s conservatory which she had turned into a playroom for her three-year-old daughter was freezing in the winter.

Vicki had to spend £25 per week on portable heater fuel to warm up the room in December.

She said: “We had just moved in and there was a draft coming through our conservatory into the living room which took me by surprise.

“It was very, very cold and my daughter had to layer up to play in that room and it was expensive with the extra bills.

“We had a gas heater which cost £50 per canister - and it had all gone within just two weeks.”

Vicki found a solution through CI Group, which uses unique NASA-inspired technology to reduce up to 90 per cent of heat loss through the roof and control the temperature all-year round. Transforming her conservatory into a ‘PROservatory.’ 

CI’s cutting-edge C.H.R.I.S® system adopts a six-layer quilt and technology researched and developed by NASA on the Apollo Space Shuttle.

Vicki said: “It’s brilliant and turned our conservatory into a playroom we can use all year round.

“You can feel that less heat is escaping and the panelled finish makes it feel like an extension instead of an add-on conservatory.

“My daughter loves the playroom, she’s in there all the time and it’s a really nice safe space for her.”

With over 30,000 installations throughout the UK, CI Group has helped homeowners create the additional room they’ve always wanted