Solar Gains

In the summer, the effects of a conservatory attached to your home can increase the temperature throughout the house<br>

The Government has identified this as an issue in new build houses and taken action

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New victim in the fight against climate change, Conservatories!

From June 2022 any conservatory built as part of a new development will need to prove they will not create unwanted solar gain.

The idea is to future proof homes against the potential 40C temperatures predicted due to climate change.

Conservatories situated away from the home may be exempt as they will not effect the rest of the house.

Fantastic Conservatory

What about Existing Conservatories!

If you already have a conservatory, you may well be aware of the massive heat gains and losses the structure has on your home currently. What will happen when temperatures rise to 40C as the government is predicting?

Conservatory insulations are the licensed installer of Conservaheat, the only insulation specifically designed for the extreme temperatures found in conservatories.  Any other type of insulation quilt cannot be used as it will tear and degrade in the extreme temperatures, making the product completely ineffective within a short period. 

As such we are the only company in the UK that can truly effect the solar gain in your property.  

5% VAT

Why 0% VAT?

Our Conservaheat foil insulation is an official energy saving product see the Govt link Energy Saving Products.

Like insulating your roof at home the specialist quilt is equivalent to 100mm of rockwool insulation and performs in a similar way. However, unlike other products our quilt was specifically designed for the extreme temperatures, so will not damage or deteriorate, which is why we offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee

There is no other product like it, and we use it exclusively. So if you want the right product for the job, get in touch.

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