Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions, customers asked frequently. First, check the answer below questions, if not satisfied, contact us or send a quote request.


Here are Most Frequently Asked Questions

No, it usually takes only a day to install your conservatory roof insulation.

You will undoubtedly get less direct sunlight when the sun is directly above. However, your conservatory should retain sufficient light through the side windows which will be comparable to a standard solid roof extension. The key benefit is that you will get far less glare from the overhead sun, keeping it cooler in the Summer and be able to enjoy the conservatory more than you ever did before.

Extremely unlikely. In the majority of cases we will be able to install an Insulated Conservatory Roofing Solutions roof without the need for any structural alteration to your conservatory or sun-lounge. This is because our system is compatible with all conservatories that have a rafter roof system, whether it is constructed from Timber, Aluminium or PVC-u. What this means to you is that it keeps the costs down and minimises disruption.

Usually 2 people per team (depending on size) 

Yes, we can tailor your insulation to your specific requirements.

Not at all, we use a tint under glass roofs so the foil quilt will not be seen from the outside.

We only use a white uPVC tongue in groove cladding with a light sheen finish. We find this is the most effective surface to reflect natural light, keeping your conservatory bright.

A U-Value is the measurements of heat loss through any given surface, the lower the value the better the insulation.

U-Value = 0.175

Yes, we will replace any light/fan to it’s original position once the insulation has been fitted.

No, we only offer the white uPVC cladding, fit to the contours of your existing roof.

Yes, We have a strict policy to ensure your and our teams safety. We even fog your Conservatory with a anti viral spray before and after the work.

See our Covid -19 policy