Conservatory Insulation Installation Process

Our installation process is what separates us from the competition. We’ve designed a conservatory insulation product that’s not only easy to install,  but it can can be done on the same day to exacting standards. 

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We are Conservatory Insulations

Our conservatory roof insulation system is designed specifically as a bespoke solution to the issues caused by fluctuating temperatures in your conservatory. We offer 1-day contact-free installation to resolve these issues at half the cost of the alternative.

Our installation process is what separates us from the competition. We’ve designed a conservatory insulation product that’s not only easy to install, it’s done so on the same day to exacting standards.  Our bespoke training process ensures all our fit teams are trained to the highest standard, ensuring the best materials are always used and every job is installed the right way. With over 20,000 installations under our belt, our fit teams are hugely experienced and provide the highest quality finish allowing us to be sure our solution is the best option if you’re insulating your conservatory roof.

Most jobs are completed in less than a day and leave your conservatory spotless! All of this can be carried out CONTACT-FREE to adhere to government social distancing guidelines.

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Step by Step Installation Guide

Step 1

Our teams arrive promptly at the agreed time.

Step 2

The property is “Fogged” with an antiviral mist to ensure the property is disinfected to ensure the team are safe.

Step 3

If required our specialist tint is measured and fitted to the inside of the Conservatory Roof.

Step 4

The team then survey and measure each roof panel to determine the amount of each material required, cutting all materials to size on site, ensuring a bespoke quality finish.

Step 5

Then, we fix a pressure treated tanalised wooden sub-frame to your existing conservatory roof structure.

Step 6

Once in place we install our ConservaHeat True Aluminium Foil Quilt System, a bespoke quilting system specifically designed for Conservatories and only available through Conservatory Insulations.

Step 7

We then repeat the process fixing a second timber sub-frame to the foil quilt system.

Step 8

Once completed we finish by fitting the UPVC tongue and groove panels, ceiling strips and caps for a flawless, easy maintainable insulated ceiling.

Step 9

Once complete, our installation team clean the conservatory and remove all of their work materials.

Step 10

Finally, before they leave, the team fog the Conservatory once more to leave Covid Free environment ready for you to use

Within 7 days of installation of your conservatory roof insulation you will receive a call from our customer care team to confirm you are happy with everything. Once confirmed they’ll finalise the details for your 10-year insurance backed guarantee and warranty.  This will then be sent across to you digitally for your records.  

All that’s left to do now is fully enjoy your conservatory with the knowledge that its usable all year round.

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10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

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