To Mathew & Steve,

Thank you very much for the installation on my conservatory you have done for us and also, we are very pleased with the result and it is extra warm during the cold weather and very quiet when the rain falls down too. The installation workers were so excellent polite, and very friendly. I was so impressed and proud of my nice clean conservatory, and even sit in it to watch the birds coming and going etc etc.

I would fully recommend this to anybody.

Good luck and God bless.

Dear Kelly,

Thank you for all your help. The fitters were excellent with the fitting of our new insulated roof on our conservatory. It is now lovely and warm during the winter nights.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Regarding the recent installation of the insulated ceiling in our conservatory, we would be pleased to thank you and thank you for doing such an excellent job. The fitters were very professional and left the job spotless. We are really delighted with the result.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Just to let you know that the fitters arrived at our hour early morning and worked all day and they were on their way home by 6pm that night.

It was a pleasure and the guys were brilliant and worked hard. They did a great job and we are really delighted with the finished product.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have now had the insulation in place for 7+ weeks. The installation team were excellent, quick, professional and tidy. The work has transformed our large conservatory more than could have expected. It is now a fully functional room, warmer in the morning cooler during the heat of the day.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to register my thanks to your installation team that undertook the work at my address. They both worked very well together leaving the conservatory and working area both very clean and tidy.

We are very pleased with the finished product.

Just a note to say how delighted myself and my wife are with our new conservatory roof insulation.

From our initial enquiry through to the final installation we have been treated with the upmost professionalism and courtesy.

The finished job looks fantastic and already having had the last three of the four weather seasons in the last week, only in Britain, it has made an incredible difference to the conservatory comfort levels.

I would have no hesitation recommending insulated solutions to anyone considering such a project.

Dear Sir,

I send my thanks to you and your excellent workers - Mike & Gary.

They arrived much earlier than I expected but that was fine by me. They didn't waste a minute is no exaggeration. I wish all workers were as efficient.

Thanks agan for a job well done.

Just a note to say thank you for a outstanding job, Ian and Carl, great install team nothing to much trouble, and after care was great as the install sprung a leak and there was no problem with getting them back and fixing it.

Again great install and thanks to Kelly and Paul great aftersales with in this modern day, is great to come across.


To all the team,

A big thank you for turning our conservatory into a beautiful room. We are so very pleased with the expertise, both internally and externally.

It has made such a difference and we will be recommending you to all of our family and friends.

Thank you again to all, and a special thanks to Mark and his work partner who worked so hard and cleaned up brilliantly afterwards.

Regards, from a very satisfied customer.

conservatory roof insulationDear Peter
I am taking this opportunity to thank you for the conservatory roof you did in April.

I would just like to say how sceptical I was and to be honest my reasons for going ahead with the insulation was purely on cost and that the roof was tired looking and I thought this would freshen it up.

The installers were excellent and very polite and friendly. On completion I was very impressed and proud of my nice clean white roof. The rain came and the benefit of noise reduction was evident. The conservatory became more of an even temperature with the house.

However, the main test has been this week because of the heatwave. I can honestly say that we have been able to walk through the conservatory and even sit in it which would not have been possible before. I would fully recommend this to anybody.

conservatory roof insulationDear Sophie
I would like to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the roof insulation to our conservatory your company has recently fitted, we noticed the difference almost immediately.

Apart from it looking good, it warms up quickly and stays warmer longer, we now only to have the heater on a lower setting, we are waiting for the hot sunny weather to see if it works the opposite way, keeping the heat out.

The two guys that came and did the fitting ( Daniel and Sam ) were fantastic, pleasant and professional we will certainly recommend your company to anyone who is interested.

Once again many thanks.

To Everyone at Conservatory Insullations,

I Just wanted to say, the following regarding our conservatory insulation. Please feel free to use it any promotional activities you do.

We are so happy with the insulation. It is no longer so hot on a hot day. The great thing is we also won't be disappointed in the cold winter as it has its own insulation. So no more cold evenings and no hot clamy days in the summer!!.

It looks great to and there is no real loss if light either. I would highly recommend.

Thank You

conservatory roof insulationDear Sir
After having roof insulation fitted to my conservatory in October I have to say how pleased we are with the result. The installation certainly does all that is claimed for it.

The conservatory is easy to keep warm now that the cold weather is here and certainly creates an extra very useable rooom, shaded from the bright sun and much quieter when the rain falls.

Full marks to the installation team who made an extra trip from Lichfield down to Leicester to fulfil our appointment when the original team was unable to attend. Great job and well worth it. Thank you all.

conservatory roof insulationToday your fitters Paddy and Steve installed your insulation in my conservatory and utility lean-to. It pleases me to say, that they both got straight on with the job, in a work like and professional manner, completing both jobs in less than a day.

I am more than pleased with the aesthetically pleasing finish and already on the coldest day of the year can feel it’s benefits. They were both very polite throughout and cleaned up nicely on job completion.

I consider myself lucky to have found your lone advert in Saga magazine, against the hoards of unnecessary and expensive roof replacement adverts that abound in the same magazine and the newspapers. So thank you again for a job well done and a quality product

P.S. Thanks also to Richard Monks, For his honest demo / description of your insulation system. (He can come and sit in our conservatory anytime)

conservatory roof insulationDear Peter,

First let me say how delighted we both are with the recent installation of the insulation into the roof of our conservatory.

The difference it made was instant and considering the day chosen was one of the hottest this year it could not have been a more sterner test. We have since had a period of heavy rain and gone are the violent noises , instead there is a pleasant hum.

Having been in charge of an engineering team before retirement the quality of both the materials and the installation team of Mark and ? were a credit to your company. When finished the area involved was cleaned and tidied to a high standard which was also reflected in their workmanship.

Thanks again for your care in making what could have been a stressful occasion into one that was fully enjoyable with a delightful result. All our very best wishes

Just a note to say how delighted myself and my wife are with our new conservatory roof insulation.

From our initial enquiry through to the final installation we have been treated with the upmost professionalism and courtesy.

The finished job looks fantastic and already having had the last three of the four weather seasons in the last week, only in Britain, it has made an incredible difference to the conservatory comfort levels.

I would have no hesitation recommending insulated solutions to anyone considering such a project.

conservatory roof insulation
Hi Matt,

We are pleased with our conservatory roof insulation which makes the room warmer, quieter and looking better as you said it would.

Your no nonsense approach to selling suited us and we were particularly pleased with the installers Dave and Aaron who were thorough and considerate.

conservatory roof insulation
Hi Matt,

Just wanted to thank you to you and your colleagues for everything. You all made it so easy for my husband and I to get things up and running.

Can’t wait for the summer now, no doubt we’ll be spending a lot more time in the conservatory than usual.

conservatory roof insulation
Hi Matt,

Thanks very much for everything. The installation was quick and easy; no hassel what so ever.

We’ve got a lot more use out of the conservatory since we had it done. I’d recommend the product to anyone with a conservatory.


I just wanted to say thanks for everything. The new ceiling in the conservatory is working a treat!

We’ve definitely used the conservatory space a lot more often since we had it fitted

Dear Matt,

The new ceiling in the conservatory is perfect.

Does exactly what we’d hoped it would. Definitely recommend!
Thanks again

Love the Insulated ceiling. Does exactly what you said it would and more!

I’ve told a few friends about it, and they all love the idea.

I would definitely recommend to anyone with a conservatory! Thanks

To Matt,

We love what you have done for us, it looks nice, works well and the installation was quick and easy.

Your guys were in and out in a day all done and dusted. So yea I’d recommend it anyone with the issues it prevents.

Hi Paul,

The new ceilings great. Does exactly what it says on the tin! And we were a bit worried about it blocking out the sun but it really doesn’t!

We were shocked at how bright it stays. Thank you very much!!

Dear Matt,

We are very happy with the insulated ceiling in the conservatory. It’s made a huge difference!

Me and the wife are in there all the time now, it’s great! Really appreciate all the work. I’d seriously recommend this to anyone!

Kind regards

To everyone at Conservatory Insulations. Thank you for everything!

It all ran very smoothly. No problems what so ever. And the product its self is brilliant! It does everything we hoped and more.

Not only the temperature, but the sound as well, it does a great job of keeping sound out. Thanks again

conservatory roof insulation Just writing to thank you for the very impressive alteration to our conservatory and to let you know that you could not have sent a better team ( Mark & Anthony) to carry out the work. I have to say that we were more than a little apprehensive, having decided to go ahead with the work, for the following reasons:-

A. Would it in fact resolve the major problem of the conservatory being unbearably hot in the summer and difficult to keep warm in the winter making it virtually unusable.

B. Would it alter/spoil the appearance of the conservatory either inside or outside which would make us regret the decision even though it resolved the heat problems.

I am more than happy to report that this is the perfect conservatory solution, from the outside you really cannot tell that anything has been done and from the inside our conservatory looks as though it has the ceiling it was always meant to have and it has only taken one hot July day to know that having the roof insulated has worked 100%. We would also like you to know that Mark & Anthony have done an excellent job having telephoned the day before the installation day to ask if they could come and make a start on the preparation work which they did.

They arrived as arranged at 7.00 am the next day and worked through until completion of the work just before 6.00 pm. Although we kept them supplied with drinks they worked pretty much straight through without any breaks (other than a trip to fetch more materials) and left everywhere spotlessly clean and tidy.

You would be more than welcome to come and take some photos of the work and we would be happy to recommend you to any future prospective customers.

To Everyone at Conservatory Insullations,

The new ceiling in the conservatory is great and it has even impressed my husband which is hard to believe (just ask the sales rep!) because it was me who wanted it. The lads worked hard and worked late to finish it off. When the job was done they left the place clean and tidy they both done and excellent job. I would recommend this to anyone reading this.

Thank You

Dear Matt at Conservatory Insullations,

We had a new insulated ceiling fitted by your company in September, we are delighted on every level. Money well spent.

Thank You

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the conservatory roof.

What a difference it has made, it looks good and has given us another room, the insulation is fantastic. When we go from the kitchen there is hardly any change in temperature and when the radiator is on it keeps the heat in.

We were impressed with the service from you and the fitters you sent plus the speed which you dealt with the couple of snags we had. Once again thank you for your service it has been money well spent!

Dear Peter,

I just felt I had to email you to say how pleased we are with our new conservatory ceiling. Ian and Carl did an excellent job, were very tidy and very polite and nothing was too much trouble.

The new roof has now made the conservatory look like another room rather than an extension and it has certainly made a difference to the temperature in there. Instead of going from warm kitchen to cold conservatory it is now a case of going into another warmer room.

Today, here in North Wales it was a really warm day but the conservatory was just very pleasantly warm. We are so pleased we decided to have this done and will definitely recommend you.