Conservatory Roof Solutions For Faded Furniture

The contents of your conservatory are exposed to the harmful radiation of the sun every day, even in winter months. 

power of sun

The Power of the Sun in Your Conservatory

Our conservatory roofs can prevent your furniture from fading
The result is often irreversible damage to furnishings that fade as a result of the constant exposure to UV light. Ultraviolet light is light we cannot see and is in the range between what is visible and x-rays coming from the sun. Although our atmosphere stops most UV light about a third still gets through.

UV Damage

The molecular makeup of the contents of your conservatory can become damaged if not protected, with UV attacking and damaging the materials used causing visual and physical problems such as:

conservatory sun damage

This can result in furniture looking unsightly or becoming weak to the point it needs replacing. The most harmful damage is undoubtedly caused in the summer months when your conservatory is the hottest room in the house.  Exposing your furniture and flooring to extreme heat as well as the suns UV rays causes further damage.

Our conservatory roof insulation system offers a robust solution to prevent faded furniture or overheating equipment and computers. The damaging UV rays will no longer be able to radiate into your conservatory through the roof thereby protecting your expensive furniture and belongings whilst keeping the room cooler.

With our conservatory insulation system installed, your conservatory becomes a fully insulated room like any other in your home. This allows you to use your conservatory all year round, without fear of it damaging your costly furnishings.

Nice looking Conservatory

Key Benefits

Key benefits of Conservatory Insulations:  ConservaHeat True Aluminium Foil Insulation

  1. Reflects up to 98% of radiant energy in the summer making it cooler
  2. Prevents 91% of heat loss in the winter
  3. A proven energy saving product that will reduce your heating bills
  4. 1 day installation and COVID secure
  5. Reduction in noise from rain
  6. Protects your furniture and furnishings from UV fading
  7. Easy to maintain and eradicates any insect problems
  8. Now with 0% VAT as a proven energy saving product

If your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in winter then contact us now on 0800 180 4000 to request a free quotation.

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