The Conservatory Office

A proper office would be a great new feature of any home. If you have a conservatory why not use that?


The need for a home office

With the onset of COVID in the UK in March 2020 we saw a huge push for people to work from home, using any space available as a makeshift office. kitchen and dining room tables were commonly being used as a desk for online meetings with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Goto Meetings and a plethora of other online meeting software packages getting people connected.

This is less than ideal. We have all seen the hilarious clips of people holding meetings on television and some child running in and disrupting the meeting, much to the hosts embarrassment. So a proper office would be a great new feature of any home but not always possible if you have limited space or rooms. However, if you have a conservatory why not use that?

Office in a conservatory
Outside image of a conservatory

Using a conservatory as an office

For those people who are fortunate enough to have a conservatory, it makes an ideal space to turn into an office, after all you can normally

Why other conservatories are virtually unusable

Unfortunately, a great number of Conservatories are virtually unusable because of the polycarbonate or glazed roof panels that were used. This resulted in the conservatories being:

Too Cold and expensive to heat

Around 25% of the heat generated in your conservatory will pass through the roof, which in the winter can make it a very expensive space to heat.

Too hot

In warmer weather, direct sunlight being trapped in the conservatory can make the heat unbearable. Even opening the conservatory doors and windows does not seem to help. This can put a huge strain on your computer and electrical equipment which needs a constant room temperature to operate effectively.

Too bright

You may also find that in brighter weather the glare from your computer screen makes it almost impossible to use and trying to angle your screen to make visible is impractical.

Too noisy

Another problem with conservatories can be the effect of noise pollution, with neighbour’s cutting their grass while you are taking a zoom meeting or noise of the rainfall preventing you from concentrating on that all important report.

How Can Conservatory Insulations Help?

Our unique ConservaHeat multi-layered true aluminium foil quilt is specifically designed and manufactured for conservatories. Once installed it prevents 91% of the heat loss in the room, keeping the room warm in the winter. It also reflects 98% of the suns heat away from the room in the warmer weather allowing you to have much more control of the temperature in the conservatory. The easy cleanable PVC gloss white cladding reflects the light which comes in through the conservatory windows and therefore keeps the room light and pleasant to work in. The insulation and cladding have the added benefit of dampening sound, allowing you to take a conference call in a rainstorm.

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