Unique Insulation Quilt

The only insulation designed specifically for conservatories. The introduction of multi-layered foil quilts has revolutionized the insulation industry. 


ConservaHeat Insulation Quilt

The introduction of multi layered foil quilts has revolutionised the insulation industry. At Conservatory Insulations we’ve been working with the industry’s most forward thinking minds to create a product that’s scientifically designed to deal with specific issues seen by conservatory owners across the UK. Understanding the science is key to choosing the correct product for your needs.

Conservatory insulation
Heat saving insulation

The Science

The configuration of the layers and the materials used within the outer foil hold the key to why ConservaHeat is different to almost all its competitors. Most foil quilts on the market use a ‘polymer foil’ outer skin.  The problem here, is that they have been developed as a solution for situations that don’t involve direct sunlight and therefore do not require reflective qualities. 

The ConservaHeat quilt is scientifically designed and uniquely developed to directly deal with the unique issues found in conservatory roofs. The outer skin is made from a true aluminium foil which deflects direct sunlight whilst maintaining its reflective qualities and therefore avoiding any possibility of heat shrinkage.  Because we developed the ConservaHeat quilt, its use is exclusive to Conservatory Insulations and remains the only quilt developed for conservatory insulation on the market today.

A U-Value is the calculation of heat lost through any given surface. The lower the U-Value, the less heat it allows to pass through.

Our state-of-the-art construction results in a U-Value of only 0.175 W/m2K which will allow for your conservatory to be used in all seasons.

U Values of different conservatories
made in britian

Manufactured in the UK

Not only is our Conservaheat True Aluminium foil, the only product specifically designed for Conservatories. It is manufactured for us in the UK to our exact specifications. 

  • Built to withstand the extreme heat in the summer reflecting heat away.
  • Multi layered quilt keeping the room warmer in the winter
  • Only available through Conservatory Insulations
  • Developed by us and manufactured in the UK