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Couple enjoy brew with a view thanks to NASA inspired technology

A couple who were frozen out of their conservatory for 19 years can finally enjoy a brew with a view thanks to NASA-inspired technology in their ‘PROservatory.’

Peter, 87, and his wife Mary were unable to enjoy their glass palace for almost two decades because of fluctuating temperatures.

The couple would walk through the conservatory on the way from the kitchen to the garden because it was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

But they have enjoyed a coffee together every morning since unlocking their conservatory’s potential using cutting-edge technology provided by CI Group in January.

Peter, a retired sales manager, said: “For 19 years we walked through the conservatory because it was too cold in the winter and too warm in summer and now it’s one of our most used rooms.

“We were so fed up with not being able to use it and I feared we may have to lose the roof but that was not the case at all. 

“Since the day our conservatory has been insulated, we have enjoyed our morning coffee looking out into our garden. 

They found a solution through CI’s cutting-edge C.H.R.I.S® system which uses a six-layer quilt and technology researched and developed by NASA on the Apollo Space Shuttle to control the temperature and make the space usable all year.

He added: “I spent five years looking for a company that would be able to help us make the most of this space.

“Thanks to the CI team we were enjoying the benefits of an insulated conservatory within three weeks, from the initial visit to the completed job.“

The couple’s 12 grandchildren and seven great-grandkids have also enjoyed playing in the conservatory during family visits while the house plants have also thrived in the regulated temperature.

Peter also praised the CI team for the speed of the project.

He said: “They cut to measure on site and were packing up to leave three-and-a-half hours later. 

“I’ve never had a company come in and complete a job so professionally.”

With over 30,000 installations throughout the UK, CI Group has helped homeowners give their conservatories a new lease of life.