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How do we insulate a conservatory to make it much warmer in winter and cooler in summer, to provide you with a room you can use all year round?

Our ConservaHeat Insulation System concept of multi-foil insulation was first used by NASA on the Apollo space missions to maximise insulation, to protect space ships against the extreme temperatures of outer space.

ConservaHeat is a total insulation blanket made from multiple layers of Aluminium, Wadding, Foam and Air pockets to pro vide a complete vapour control insulation blanket. When totally sealed with Thermaseal Insulation tape Conservaheat Insulation

How It Works

ConservaHeat has been specifically developed and manufactured from Highly Reflective true aluminium foil that reflects 98% of radiant energy. This is a massive increment on the performance of polymer foils and is hugely important to the temperature control of the conservatory.


ConservaHeat's Fire Resistant Properties

The fire test experiment in the video below was conducted to show the benefits of using ConservaHeat as opposed to a 'metalised plastic material' ie polymer foil.

As you will see in the video, having an aluminium external layer dramatically improves the non-flammability of ConservaHeat and gives the insulation a class 1 surface spread of flame.

ConservaHeat Fire Resistant Demonstration Video

The Conservatory Insulations Team has installed over 25,000 square metres of Conservatories for over 1,500 home owners throughout the United Kingdom.

Exclusively Developed For Conservatory Insulations

Our unique insulation quilt has been exclusively developed for us and is the ONLY product of its kind manufactured specifically for conservatories.

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The outer foil of our quilt is a "True Aluminium Foil" as opposed to the standard Polymer Foil used in all other products. This increases the reflective qualities by 18% resulting in vastly superior performance when dealing with the conditions unique to conservatories.

The ConservaHeat Insulation System


1. True Aluminium Foil - Ultra Low

Emissivity results in over 95% of Radiant Heat being reflected Away through Summer.

2. ThermoWadding Membrane­

creates Air Pockets to prevent heat Gain by Conduction of Radiant Energy.

3. Metalised Poly Foil Barrier- Secondary

Radiant barrier to again prevent both Heat Gain in Summer & Heat loss in the Winter.

4. Vapour Control Foam Membrane

Total Vapour Control Layer to Prevent Damp & Condensation.

5. ThermoWadding Membrane

Creates Air Pockets to prevent heat Loss by Conduction of Radiant Energy.

6. True Aluminium Foil

Reduces Heat Loss by upto 90%, by using Ultra Low Emissivity Foil To Create Extra Valuable space for use All Year round.

We have fitted Conservatory Insulation to 1000's of conservatories throughout the UK.

The installers were excellent and very polite and friendly. On completion I was very impressed and proud of my nice clean white roof!

conservatory roof insulation installation testimonial

Lynne Gardener

The installation was quick and easy; no hassel what so ever. We’ve got a lot more use out of the conservatory since we had it done. I’d recommend the product to anyone with a conservatory.

conservatory roof insulation installation testimonial


Insulated Qualities Explained

A U-Value is the calculation of heat lost through any given surface. The lower the U-Value, the less heat it allows to pass through.

Our state-of-the-art construction results in a U-Value of only 0.175 W/m2K which will allow for your conservatory to be used in all seasons.

Why Choose Conservatory Insulation


Not only does the design of ceiling look stunning in uPVC. Its designed to create a 20mm air gap between the insulation and the ceiling to increase warmth and prevent condensation. Importantly we do not recommend plasterboard internal finish as movement in uPVC conservatories can cause cracking.